Weeples Concept Art

Concept art work-in-progress

I’ve been working on some concept art which is taking longer than I anticipated. I’m not yet fast at pixel art, but I’m chugging along. I’m working in Aesprite, which I’m loving. This has got me thinking about things…scale, color, and some ideas on game elements. I’m finding the limited palette both freeing and constraining at the same time. It’s freeing because I don’t have to think too much about finding colors that fit the palette, but I also can only do so much with a limited palette. It’s a bit disappointing choosing colors, for a shirt, for example, if I try to keep all of the character shirts a different color (someone gets a pink shirt!). I also was considering coloring a horse purple, which is non-realistic, but begs the question whether this should be a realistic game or not. What am I aiming at? Do I want some kind of supernatural aspect to the game? I think it would make it more interesting, but it seems like a big design decision. I don’t know yet…

Website Update

I worked on the website a bit as well. It’s not entirely what I envision yet, but a start. I think I’ll add a mailing list soon, and I probably will need a Discord at some point.

Unity vs Game Maker, hmmmm?

I’m also torn on whether to switch to Unity, instead of Game Maker. I’d rather not get too deep into Game Maker code, and then have to switch, and rewrite everything in C#. But I do think Unity is probably more of a learning curve and more powerful as well.

I’ll keep fleshing out this design, but for now, here is a work-in-progress concept art:

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