Working on Cowboy sprites and playing with Tiled

A Basic 4-Frame Walk Animation

Choosing a Palette

I’ve been trying to lock in a palette for the game, and I might have it. I originally created my own palette, but wasn’t satisfied with it, so I’m using a pre-existing pallet. I like the colors so far, but I’m wondering if I may need to expand the colors. It’s a 48 color palette and building an entire world on a somewhat limited palette seems like it may not be enough, but we’ll see.

Concept art next

Next step is to create some concept art for a level. I’ve decided not to go with an isometric style with the game, but instead top-down. Game Maker’s fixed grid system makes it difficult to *design* isometric games. It can be done, but extra concessions/layers have to be made when in the design phase of the world, and I felt it would hinder my ability to visually design maps.

Auto-Tiling in Game Maker vs Tiled

I also realized that Game Maker has auto-tiling built-in, so I probably could have skipped buying Tiled, as I don’t know how much benefit it will be. But I need to tinker some more in Tiled and see if it’s going to make designing levels any easier or faster than just using Game Maker.

I was able to set up Tiled with an isometric grid and it looks good, but upon exporting the Game Maker room, it overwrites most everything in the room, including any objects I’ve added to it in Game Maker. Also, it’s impossible to add new tiles in Game Maker afterwards, again, because of the fixed orthogonal grid in Game Maker.

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